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Trello Trailblazers



👋 Hello, Trello homies!

Whether you identify as a Trello newbie or a veteran, a hobbyist or someone managing multiple workspaces, if you like Trello, you'll want to join this party 🥳.

Do you...

  • sometimes wonder "can I do this in Trello?"
  • build a Trello board any time you start a new project?
  • tell your friends about all the new things you're building in Trello? 
  • constantly look for new things to do in Trello?
  • wish every day was 🌮 Taco Tuesday?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you're probably a Trello Trailblazer

Join this group to get access to (mostly virtual) events all about Trello! From Power-Ups, to use case ideas, to tips and tricks, and learning more than you ever thought was possible about our favorite tool.

Upcoming events

10 jul 2024

ACE virtual event

Trello-vengers, Assemble! 🦸 Trello Trailblazers Kick Off

Join the inaugural event for the Trello Trailblazers community. It's an open invite for Trello enthusiasts worldwide to unite and break some virtual bread together.

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