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Know Before You Go! Team 24: A-wesome (event) I-ntelligence [AMER]

We are moments away from the BIG one... Team '24 in Vegas! Is it all gonna be about AI only? Or just more pushing on Cloud migrations!? What exactly is going on and when? And more importantly, how does one get around not only the Expo Hall efficiently, but also all the extra curricular activities, and after parties!? FOUND OUT IN THIS SESSION THE WEEK BEFORE TEAM GETS STARTED!

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ACE virtual event

EH-I? All Canadian April Intelligence

ACE virtual event

Jira Service Management 101: A Beginner's Guide to Excellent Customer Support

ACE virtual event

Jira Automation: Ways to use Jira Automation

ACE virtual event

ITSM Excellence: Tips and Tricks from the Experts

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