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Atlassian Community Events are free, user-led meetups happening in cities all over the world. Join us to meet other Atlassian enthusiasts!

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13 jun 2024

Hybrid event

Harmadik Debrecen ACE / 3rd ACE Debrecen / SAVE THE DATE!

Atlassian felhasználók, találkozzunk újra Debrecenben. Atlassian bejelentések, partner és vendor előadások, networking. Atlassian users, let's meet again in Debrecen! Atlassian announcements, talks by partners, vendors, networking.

Past events

ACE in-person event

Második Debrecen ACE - Team'24 / 2nd ACE Debrecen - Team'24 Recap

ACE in-person event

Első Debrecen ACE / 1st ACE Debrecen

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