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Atlassian Tools and Practices Workshop - Eldoret


Saturday, July 13, 2019, 5:30 AM – 6:00 PM UTC

"Atlassian Tools and Practices to help your teams Get Shit Done!". As the title suggests, the objective is to introduce and show how Atlassian community members use Atlassian tools: Confluence, Jira(Jiraops, Opsgenie, Jira Service Desk, Jira Align, Jira Core) and , Status Page, Trello, Bitbucket (Bitbucket Pipelines), Crucible, Crowd and Bamboo, Team Playbooks, Health Monitors.


About this event

"Atlassian Tools and Practices to help your teams Get Shit Done!". As the title suggests, the objective is to introduce and show how Atlassian community members use Atlassian tools: Confluence, Jira ( Jira Software, Jiraops, Opsgenie, Slack, Jira Service Desk, Jira Align, Jira Core) and , Statuspage, Trello, Bitbucket (Bitbucket Pipelines), Sourcetree, Crucible, Bamboo, Crowd, Atlassian Access, Team Playbooks (Health Monitors).

Particularly within tech, design and development are notorious for collaboration gaps. While there are plenty of resources available that advocate for catalyzing collaboration between the teams, what we see far less are stories of that process in the application.

Get the latest product updates and learn how the right tools, paired with right team practices, can strengthen your organization. Deep Dive into the trends affecting global teamwork and learn the strategies that will allow your teams to grow and thrive.

Target Group: Software Teams, IT Teams, DevOps, Business Team and all teams which want to be productive including Agile Families.

Note all presentation will take use case approach, so come prepared to get your hands dirty.

Carry a Laptop.

Key Benefits

  • Use case
  • Knowledge sharing and Training
  • Networking
  • Swag
  • Member discounts


  • Introductions
  • Team Practices
  • Tools and Demo/Use Cases
  • Networking

1. Team Breakouts (45Min)

  • Break out into different teams. A team of 4 to 6 members. Each team will be provided with a copy of the following:
  • Login instructions to the instance
  • Print-out of the Atlassian Project Team Health Monitor (download here)
  • Print-out of the Atlassian Team Playbook Project Poster (download here)

2. Team Health Monitor (45 minutes)

  • Purpose of the Team Health Monitor.
  • A preview of how to create a page in Confluence using the Health Monitor Blueprint.
  • Each team to discuss 2 or 3 attributes.
  • Document in Confluence.

3. Project Poster (45 minutes)

In this section, we will be providing three strategic objectives for all teams. Each team will be responsible for coming up with a new feature to existing Atlassian Products, or a new product. The feature or product should align with any one of the strategic objectives provided.

For example:

  • Collaboration
  • ITSM
  • Developer Productivity

Each team will be responsible for coming up with a new feature or product, that aligns with either Collaboration or ITSM or Developer Productivity.

You will use Project Poster to brainstorm the idea, and answer two questions:

  • What are we doing?
  • Why will a customer want this?

The team will create a Confluence page using the Project Poster Blueprint, and answer the above questions in the "Ready to make it" section of the project poster.

4. Products Demo & Overview (165minutes)

  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • BitBucket
  • Bamboo, Crucible, and Fisheye
  • Atlassian Marketplace (Atlaskit)
  • Statuspage
  • Sourcetree
  • Crowd

4. Tracking Epics, Stories in Jira Software (45 minutes)

Each team will create an Epic in Jira, that is linked to the Project Poster page in Confluence. Each team will also move it to In Progress state and assign it to a developer.

5. Code in Bitbucket and deploy in Bamboo (45 minutes)

Note: This section needs additional setup.

Developers in each team will clone the repository, and create an HTML page to market their new feature or product. Upon commit, the repository is built and deployed to an accessible web server or an S3 bucket.

6. Demonstration and Wrap-up (60 minutes)

Each team demonstrate their published HTML pages, or simply read out their project poster section answering the key questions of what they are doing, and why will a customer want this.

How plays like project poster benefit teams by establishing a shared understanding.Atlassian Community Nairobi is an award-winning community. (MOST ACTIVE in EMEA 2017-Atlassian Summit Europe 2017) and (Global MASTER OF CONVERSION WINNER 2017-Atlassian Summit US 2017). The Atlassian Community Nairobi encourages better use of Atlassian tools, share best practices, case studies and individual perspectives. 

Atlassian Community Events (ACE) are where Atlassian users, entrepreneurs, engineers, and business acumen meet to share their experience on how they use Atlassian tools to increase productivity and ship products.

This group is open to all fellow Atlassian users who are like-minded and interested to share ideas & knowledge. This is an open forum to discuss and suggest features and changes to Atlassian communities in building better products.

This group has an abundance of Atlassian Experts and customers in the area - let's take advantage of each other's expertise. We meet every other month to talk about all things Atlassian, from JIRA, dashboards to perfecting your Stash workflow. If you've got a topic to present or questions you need to be answered, we're here to help. RSVP to our next meeting or join the group to be notified of upcoming events and Atlassian Community news.

As usual, we will have swag, pizza, beer, and great conversations! We are excited to see you all again soon!


  • Do you want to suggest a topic for us to focus on?
  • Do you have a presentation proposal?
  • Does your company want to host an event?
  • Does your company want to sponsor an event?

Contact the group leader with your suggestions.

Thanks for your help!


5:30 AMIntroductions
6:00 AMProducts Demo & Overview
8:45 AMBreak
9:00 AMPlan on Jira Code on Bitbucket and Test and deploy
10:00 AMLunch
10:45 AMAtlasKit (Building Atlassian Apps)
11:45 AMBuilding your career on Atlassian
12:30 PMBreak
12:45 PMAtlassian Roundtable
1:30 PMWrap-up
2:00 PMNetworking

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