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Scrum vs Kanban in Jira, in the words of a Scrum Master (English) - joint event with ACE Rotterdam

Oct 22, 2020, 5:00 – 6:30 PM

ACE Rotterdam meets ACE Nuremberg to discuss the different usages of Jira through the means of Scrum vs. Kanban. How can you use Jira with Scrum Methodologies in an optimal way? When can you best use Kanban boards? How can you use Kanban boards while working Scrum? [PS: There will be an awesome quiz with PRIZES]


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About this event

European ACE collaboration

The Community Chapters of Rotterdam and Nuremberg, come together to bring their members another epic ACE. Join Fun Man Andy, Tzoe Keat and Nina for another awesome session with the uber Atlassian nerds, TIG & Yiraphic

Scrum vs Kanban in Jira

After the last interactive workshop we look forward to host another one! This time we discuss the different usages of Jira through the means of Scrum vs. Kanban.

How can you use Jira with Scrum Methodologies in an optimal way and when can you best use Kanban boards. And how can you use Kanban boards while working Scrum? This and more will be discussed in the next webinar. Vincent, implementation manager and Scum Master, from TIG will walk us through it all. And we are really excited to discover their best practices.

Furthermore you can expect a cool quiz that tests your knowledge that might reward you with some amazing gifts!

TIG is an experienced e-commerce organization from The Netherlands that has been using Jira for ages and Yiraphic is an Atlassian Solution partner that aids them in all their needs.

The Speakers

Vincent ’t Hart

Vincent is Scrum Master at TIG and he thinks in sprints, not in weeks. He’s the go-to-person to know what is planned for development and what needs to be done.

Jair de Winter

Jair is a product owner at TIG and is working in Jira on a daily basis. He’s the touch-point for TIG’s clients and communicates both with the clients as well as with the team through Jira.

Imre Scheffers

Imre is an Atlassian Consultant at Yiraphic and is always in close contact with TIG, which makes him the right person to introduce the work that they do for TIG.

Social Media

TIG and Yiraphic have awesome SoMe presence! Whilst their LinkedIn and Twitter have the standard stuff going on, it is their INSTAGRAM that is truly epic. Click on the below links and check it out!

TIG | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

YIRAPHIC | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

Virtual ACE

After registering for your place, you will receive an e-ticket with a URL to the online Zoom room. Due to recent changes by Zoom, there is an obligatory waiting room. You will be added as soon as possible!

The ACE starts at 19:00 CEST and anyone from across the world is WELCOME!

Check out your local timings here: Rotterdam / Nuremberg vs. The World!

GDPR and recording of event

This is an awesome showcase and therefore this session will be recorded to share with the world!

You name, face and any other characteristics will NOT be included in the recording, only the screen/voice of the presenters and moderator.

If you wish to be anonymous during the call, we advise you to remain silent at all times.

Follow Fun Man Andy on YouTube HERE -> YouTube/FMA/Channel to see all the Virtual ACEs of ACE Rotterdam!


  • Imre Scheffers


    Atlassian Consultant

  • Jair de Winter


    Product Owner



    Atlassian Community

    Global Community Events Leader

  • Nina Schmidt

    uvex group

    Head of Project & Process Management



Thursday, October 22, 2020
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM UTC


Virtual ACE Opening
ACE Workshop

Community Leader

  • Nina Schmidt

    uvex group

    Team Lead Project and Process Management

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