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November Tips and Tricks Sharing Time! - Lighting talks!

Nov 19, 2019, 10:30 PM – Nov 20, 2019, 12:30 AM

Not able to attend in person? Let's use GoToWebinar: RSVP Here: Confirmed: - Patrycja Wujek -Improving customer journey through Jira Service Desk - Brian Watts - Platform Integration Architect, Uhub – A WPP Company - Evan Golden - Visualizing Reporting Across Multiple Teams


About this event

Not able to attend in person? Let's use GoToWebinar: RSVP Here:

Contact us if you would like to share some tips and tricks using the Atlassian Tools. (15 min presentations) or present some cools news in our launch pad! (do you have a new Atlassian App? - Share it with the Palm Beach Atlassian Community)


- Patrycja Wujek - Deviniti - Improving customer journey through Jira Service Desk

During this presentation, we’re going to break down the whole customer journey through Jira Service Desk and see how we can customize it on each step - from the Customer Portal homepage to submitting feedback upon successful ticket resolution. We will learn lots of ways to solve common issues with each screen of this software’s user interface and make our customers happy even when they have problems with our products and services.

- Brian Watts - Platform Integration Architect, Uhub – A WPP Company

Brian is an Atlassian Community Leade that is visiting Florida and will be participating on the meeting sharing his experience with Uhub - A WPP internal brand that tightly integrates a set of industry-leading products (corner stoned by the Atlassian family of products) into a single, WPP-specific platform, supported by and for agency staff. They faced some challenges as they try to provide great services to the users. One of them is that the Atlassian tooling provides a great base, it can’t be built to suit everyone’s bespoke needs, so we needed to augment what was available.

- Context – metadata for configuration settings to build a shared understanding

- Look and feel – drive more consistency in usage

- In one place – A consolidated interface for the tools they use, working to highlight the things a user is likely want to see

- Enabling self-service – how can users do what they want, but in a way we need them to (naming conventions, specific options etc)

About WPP - The world’s largest advertising holding company, 130,000+ people, 112 countries / 3,600+ offices, 21 major brands with 400+ brands

- Evan Golden - SmartDraw - Visualizing Reporting Across Multiple Teams

Jira is a great tool that unleashes the potential of every team. It is used by any and all teams, and can be bent in many different ways to meet their needs. As teams start to scale, reporting up and down the organization can be difficult. For example, different executives in the C-Suite want to see specific data sets, in a specific way, in simple reports. When will this initiative be done, and what is the current status across all of my initiatives? Product Managers that work in different scaled agile methodologies have a certain set of reports needed, that can help them quickly answer questions. What is the velocity across all of my teams? What are my cross-team dependencies, and which team(s) will be working on specific features in specific versions? This is where custom reporting that is designed to visualize the data of multiple teams becomes critical. In this talk, Evan Golden, Senior Solutions Engineer at Smartdraw Software, will talk about reporting for organizations building products with multiple teams at scale. The presentation will include real world problems, and how they were solved with different custom reports using the Visualscript product.


  • Patrycja Wujek


    Partner Relationship Specialist

  • Brian Watts


    Platform Integration Architect, Uhub – A WPP Company

  • Evan Golden

    SmartDraw Software

    Senior Solutions Engineer



November 19 – 20, 2019
10:30 PM – 12:30 AM UTC


10:30 PMWelcome , Snacks and Refreshments
11:00 PMImproving customer journey through Jira Service Desk
11:30 PMBrian Watts - Platform Integration Architect, Uhub – A WPP Company
12:15 AMVisualizing Reporting Across Multiple Teams

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    Atlassian User Group Leader

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    NextEra Energy

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    DSS, Inc.

    Director, Product Management Operations

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