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Undercover LMS and Thunder

Jun 20, 2017, 11:00 PM – Jun 21, 2017, 1:15 AM

In this meeting we will be visited by Jesse Miller, Platform Product Manager at Palo Alto, CA-based ServiceRocket, a long-term Atlassian Solution Partner. His presentation is, "Confluence - the Undercover Learning Management System (LMS)". THUNDER IN THE FORECAST! We are looking for YOUR 5 minute talk on any Atlassian subject in this meeting too! Please read more on both on the event page!


About this event

It's the First Day of Summer 2017, Must be Time for...another StL AUG Meeting!


Jesse Miller is a Platform Product Manager at Palo Alto, CA based ServiceRocket. A long time partner in the Atlassian space, ServiceRocket has deep roots in educating and learning and in building their own Learning Management System (  The same concepts applied at ServiceRocket for can help any organization.  

Most users don’t think of Confluence remotely similar to a LMS but at their core they are both systems where knowledge is published and shared. In a talk titled "Confluence - the Undercover Learning Management System (LMS)" hear Jesse talk about using the content of your wiki to create structured, trackable training/education for your employees, partners, and external customers. He will share how the use of a few additional tools and the incorporation of some best practices can make this a reality in your organization's Confluence instance too.

Some of the topics covered:

  • How to help a new hire navigate Confluence
  • How to create an on-boarding plan for a new hire (and tracking it!)
  • How to keep your customer training up-to-date with fast release cycles.
  • How to make sure your internal employees are up-to-date on the latest releases (and nudge them if they aren’t!)

This is a use of Confluence that many may not have considered, but something you may consider after hearing Jesse's presentation.   Jesse is looking forward to visiting St. Louis and meeting you!


We also plan to bring some Thunder into this meeting.  Many of you have heard of or maybe even presented Thunder Talks (TT) in one of our AUG meetings in the past, and our users have especially enjoyed them. They add some zing to a meeting, as attendees can hear from a number of presenters on a number of topics in a short period of time. Go for it, we keep them informal and you can deliver them any way you like. Read more...

HOW DO TTs WORK? TT's are 5 minute presentations - so they don't take long to prepare or practice for -  and allow us to share a handful of topics and presenters in one meeting which is great for the attendees.

If you deliver a TT, you are a direct participant in making our AUG great. Why? Because members have told us they really like hearing what other orgs are doing with Atlassian products and plugins, and that doesn't occur in traditional meetings, At least not a handful of subjects shared with the entire group!

After the 5 minute talk (it can be shorter), a 3 minute timed Q&A begins. Members interested in talking further can catch up with you later (be sure to share your contact info in case they miss catching you at the meeting). You can use slides, play a video or use any other accompaniment that helps - or use nothing at all and just talk something through.


WE WANT YOU!  We are looking for 4 or 5 of you to volunteer to present a TT in this meeting... and the subject can be any Atlassian-related topic. Have you recently implemented something cool, want to share how an Atlassian plug-in changed the game for your users, or do you have a challenge you want to throw out there to see how others can help?  Then please send me ( your idea and a proposed title asap and we'll go from there.  I'd like to humbly ask that if interested, to try to get something to me in the next few days - even if you don't have the idea fully fleshed out, just let me know if you are interested!   If we can post the Thunder Talk topics sooner vs. later, it can help attract more attendees.  We'll post the TT's titles and presenters on this page as soon as we can (hope to get them in our upcoming event reminder emails as well).

PLEASE CONSIDER PARTICIPATING AS A THUNDER TALKer!  Your name will be in lights, you are contributing to the success of our AUG and you'll get first dibs at whatever swag we have for this event. 




VENUE: For this event we are returning to the friendly confines of Cambridge Innovation Center.  It's our 3rd visit to CIC in as many years - if you haven't been to a CIC-hosted meeting we hope you can visit this time. It's an interesting space with a great vibe.  

BEVERAGES: Oh and to answer some member's questions, YES, WE WILL HAVE BEER AT THIS EVENT (and I will try to honor any special requests for wine as well). 

PARKING AND OTHER FREE STUFF!: Convenient free parking, and as always Atlassian User Group events are free to attend, the knowledge exchange is free, the food is free, the adult and other beverages are free and we always have Atlassian swag for attendees.  Hope to see you there!


  • Jesse Miller




June 20 – 21, 2017
11:00 PM – 1:15 AM UTC


Mingle, Networking
General Announcements
Speaker Introduction
Presentation: Confluence - the Undercover Learning Management System (LMS)
Thunder Talks
Meeting Close

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  • Tom Crespi


    Atlassian User Group Leader

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